World Wide Missions Outreach

world wide missions outreachBerean is focused not only on our local outreach, but to a global outreach with the gospel of Christ.  We support many missionaries from all over the world.  We are committed to supporting these faithful witnesses of Christ’s both financially and most importantly with prayer. 


We also have a continuing fund for our foreign mission outreach.  At the end of every year we take the balance of our missions fund and distribute those finances to missionaries on the field who have special needs. 


It is important to us that those we support on the mission field are at a certain level of spiritual maturity.  Our missionaries are among those who have shown a record of being effective for the cause of Christ.  They are consistently winning souls and seeing spiritual growth among those they disciple.  The same biblical qualities that apply to bishops, in 2 Timothy 3, we believe apply to those serving as pastors on the foreign mission field. 


To see some of the missionaries we support, please follow the link Our Missionaries