Addictions Ministry

Addictions ProgramBerean has recognized the destructive power of addictions in our community.  Addictions are destroying lives and families at all levels of our community.  We are committed to helping people with addictions break the chains through the power of Christ and the Bible.  Through this course people are taught how to achieve victory over their struggles by yielding to the Spirit of God.greatroom


Reformers Unanimous is a ministry that has helped thousands of people come to Christ and break the power of addictions.  This phenomenal program has a success rate of over 80% and surpasses any other program available.  It is recognized by the state of Minnesota and is a program that many offenders are ordered to attend by the MN Court System.  We are excited to see what God is doing with this great opportunity to reach people for Christ.



Reformers Unanimous also has an in-patient facility in Rockford IL.  This is a great opportunity to serve those with more serious addiction struggles.  They have both Men’s and Women’s facilities that are capable of housing more than 160 people. 


For more information or if you need help with addictions contact the Director of Reformers Unanimous of Hastings, Ricky Brown at 651-437-7287 or email





Program Overview

Men's and Women's In-patient Facility